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Accelerating Canada's Hydrogen Future
April 23-25, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

2023 Awards Judging Panel

Niina Gronqvist 300x300

Niina Grönqvist

Commercial Director
Hycamite TCD Technologies Ltd

Niina is one of the founders of Hycamite TCD Technologies. In her role as Commercial Director, she is building up the hydrogen and carbon businesses. Before this, she worked >20 years for different companies in the chemical industry especially in technical marketing of Co/Ni products for catalysts and active ingredients for the global cosmetics industry. With an international background from living several years in the USA, she has a truly global understanding of the international aspects of business. Niina is a creative, hard-working, and dedicated team player. Her versatile and strong background in technical marketing and sales support, from a listed NYSE company to an innovative start-up within the chemical industry is exactly what Hycamite needs. She forms a team second to none what comes to innovation, openness, good atmosphere, and, most importantly, getting things done. Niina is a sparkling personality who keeps the team moving towards its goals.

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