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A New Era for Canadian Energy is Now
April 23-25, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

Mike Procee

Mike Procee - TC Energy 300x300.jpg

Mike Procee

Manager of Enterprise Innovation Enablement and Culture
TC Energy

Mike Procee completed his bachelor of Science from the University of Calgary in Mechanical Engineering, with a double minor in Petroleum Engineering and Business Development. After working with TC Energy in a variety of roles, from design, engineering, operations, and field positions, he went back to complete with Masters in Business Administration at the University of Calgary with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Throughout his corporate work experience, Mike has always been a strong advocate for the startup community, and has had 3 different startups, including a recent role as CEO of a corporate employee engagement platform, Cratic Ai, which he still sits on the board of. He is also on the board for the strategic capability network, which aims at bringing in high quality thought leaders to elevate corporate professionals thinking on a variety of topics. For him, everything comes back to asking the right questions.  

All his education, entrepreneurial, and corporate experience has led to a passion for innovation and employee engagement which he plans to foster for years to come.

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