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A New Era for Canadian Energy is Now
April 23-25, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

Hydrogen Mobility Zone

Hydrogen vehicles have the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry by providing a clean, efficient, and practical alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. These vehicles have a longer range compared to electric vehicles and can be re-fueled much faster – making them more practical for long-distance driving.


See the following vehicles:

TC Energy-Certarus

Certarus hydrogen trailers are used to safely and efficiently move hydrogen from supply points to customer sites for various projects including fuel cells, gas engines, gas turbines, burners, and boilers. There are four high-pressure composite tubes per trailer and each trailer holds 600 kg of gaseous hydrogen at 250 bar.

City of Edmonton Bus

The City of Edmonton is exploring sustainable transportation technology by purchasing and testing new bus technology powered by hydrogen, through the Alberta Zero Emission Hydrogen Transit (AZEHT) initiative. These buses are environmentally friendly, quiet and efficient, producing no exhaust-pipe emissions and are classed as zero-emission capable.

Toyota Mirai

Mirai means future in Japanese, which is the perfect name for a car that features cutting-edge technology, design, and driving performance. Toyota’s second-generation hydrogen-powered zero-emission Mirai brings a stunning new design, more engaging driving performance and an increased range of up to 647 kilometres on a full-tank.


Diesel Tech Industries (DTI), a leader in the development of innovative transportation technology introduces the Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System. By successfully retrofitting a Diversified motor coach to run on hydrogen and diesel. The conversion involves retrofitting a diesel engine with a calibrated multiport injection system paired with DTI’s proprietary hydrogen ecm, which works in tandem with the original diesel system.

University of Alberta Eco Car

The University of Alberta EcoCar team designs and builds hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to compete in the annual Shell Eco-Marathon Americas competition. “Sofie” is a three-wheeled prototype class vehicle intended to push the boundaries of fuel efficiency by supporting only the most important parts of the vehicle for safe travel.

Hydra Truck

Hyzon Truck

KAG Canada’s tractor

KAG Canada’s tractor is equipped with IFS’ Multi Fuel Technology Platform (MFTP) that allows existing heavy duty diesel engines to displace more than 40% diesel fuel with cleaner burning fuels like hydrogen. The chassis is a 2022 Peterbilt 567with a Paccar MX-13 – 510 HP; Dual Fuel.

City of Strathcona Bus

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