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A New Era for Canadian Energy is Now
April 23-25, 2024
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

Site Tours

Site tours are a great way to see how things work in reality and the main benefit of these tours is being able to take part in the experience.

Enjoy a tour of some of the highest-profile projects and companies around Edmonton with both transportation and a hosted lunch provided for you.

2023 Site Tours Included:

Airport City Sustainability Campus: Site Tour

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is Canada’s fifth-busiest airport by passenger traffic and the largest major Canadian airport by land area. Over the past 15 years, YEG strives to be a global leader in ESG and environmental stewardship by investing in and implementing new clean technologies to reduce emissions and advance a sustainable aviation sector. Decarbonizing aviation and transportation are the biggest challenges facing the industry today. YEG has created the Airport City Sustainability Campus (ACSC), which is an integrated ecosystem to foster environmental innovation, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve a NetZero future. As a major transportation hub in Alberta, the Edmonton International Airport (YEG) is well positioned to drive the consumer adoption of hydrogen by creating a nexus of supply and demand.

Since the first Canadian Hydrogen Convention in April 2022, YEG has formed partnerships with over 15 Canadian and international companies, to demonstrate, use and promote hydrogen as YEG accelerates the energy evolution in Canada and globally. The airport will be  the home to world-leading hydrogen applications from vehicle fleets, to sustainable aviation fuels and related infrastructure for refueling.  These partnerships and investments will attract more investment, create jobs, and drive sustainable economic development in Edmonton, Alberta, and Canada.

Working with partners in our region like Edmonton Global and the Edmonton Regional Hydrogen Hub allows us to collaborate to attract investments as we work to transition to a low-carbon economy.  Decarbonizing is not a solitary effort, strong partnerships and networks are critical for economic development and to promote and accelerate consumer adoption. Edmonton is well positioned for the hydrogen transition with its low cost of production, vast network of pipeline infrastructure, and suitable and existing sites for carbon capture, utilization and storage which are necessary to upgrade natural gas into hydrogen for use as a low-carbon fuel.

This tour highlighted the Airport City Sustainability Campus and the future plans to decarbonize the airport ecosystem as we move closer to our 2040 net-zero targets. We highlighted the role our partners play in driving investments and development that supports, not just the airport ecosystem but, the regional nexus we are creating collaboratively together. 


InnoTech / C-FER Technologies: Site Tour

InnoTech Alberta is a subsidiary of Alberta Innovates and enables value generation by accelerating commercial development and by providing access to world-class expertise and industrial-scale facilities needed to transition technologies to innovations. From generating new ideas to testing, mitigating risk, and helping businesses and industries scale up their processes and products, InnoTech is focused on productive commercial applications.

InnoTech’s growing hydrogen services support the development of hydrogen value chains, including emerging clean hydrogen production processes, materials testing for hydrogen infrastructure, and the creation of new end uses for hydrogen.

Tour guests from the Canadian Hydrogen Convention visited InnoTech’s main office at the Edmonton Research & Development Park, where InnoTech staff are developing a test platform to simulate low-emissions hydrogen production from end of life oil and gas reservoirs. Our experts provided an overview of our unique test facilities and equipment enabled by the Hydrogen Centre of Excellence to help companies advance their hydrogen technologies.

Hydrogen and CCUS are poised to be fundamental to the global energy transition. For over 40 years, C-FER Technologies has been helping the energy industry evaluate and implement new technologies and support standardization development. We are bringing this experience and know-how to evaluate and optimize hydrogen and CCUS energy systems related to well and storage integrity, material compatibility, transmission feasibility, leak detection and repair, alternative materials evaluation, standards development, and risk management. This 45-minute tour featured our new full-scale testing system that can simulate hydrogen operating environments by subjecting full cross-section pipeline specimens to non-destructive tests and tests to failure with pressurized exposure (both cyclic and monotonic) to pure hydrogen.

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