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Accelerating Canada's Hydrogen Future
April 23 - 25, 2025
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference

The Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference brings together technical experts from around the world to present and discuss the latest hydrogen technologies, processes, and innovations to help companies increase efficiencies, save costs, and achieve net zero.

Delegates will hear from over 200 speakers providing access to a wealth of critical industry-leading knowledge and networking. The conference format includes individual technical presentations and poster sessions on the exhibition floor.

Technical presentations are selected based on a peer-reviewed process by our prestigious Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Committee representing the top technical and project-based organizations from around the world.


  • • 2 full days of exciting, relevant and industry curated technical content that is functional, cutting edge and covering the most important challenges and solutions in hydrogen.
  • • Full coverage of integrated hydrogen sector, brought to you by the best experts: With big names like ATCO, Enbridge, Siemens, Worley, the technical committee behind this year’s conference is a team of cross-functional hydrogen experts ensuring the best speakers and presentations are available to you!
  • • Full certification credits for your time (official accredited CPD certification)
  • • Meaningful and fun networking opportunities which includes the Opening Night Reception on the first evening.
  • • More than just a conference – access more than 100+ exhibits. Learn from industry experts and same day touch, feel and work with the actual technology on the Canadian Hydrogen Convention exhibition.
  • • Exclusive Access to the Full Digital Technical Library – missed a session or want to reference it when you get home? You will have up to 6 months after the conference to access presentations and posters submitted for distribution.

Join 200+ Speakers and 2,500+ Delegates At This Year’s Expanded Conference


The 2024 Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference has been expanded to 80 technical sessions and 16 tracks covering four main categories which include:

End User

The End User track presentations will delve into various aspects of hydrogen technology, including hydrogen vehicle demonstrations, commercial hydrogen building design, and projects advancing hydrogen fleets. Topics also include the implementation of hydrogen in an alumina refinery for decarbonization, safety assessments for a pure hydrogen showhome, and advancements in hydrogen-fueled combined heat and power. Additionally, the presentations will explore emerging research and technologies related to heating with hydrogen, hydrogen-diesel retrofit technology for green transportation, and the utilization of high-efficiency hydrogen internal combustion engines for long-haul trucks.

Environment & Trade

The Environment & Trade track presentations will explore topics such as the development of a pulsed methane pyrolysis reactor for hydrogen production, efforts towards a harmonized hydrogen carbon intensity methodology to support decarbonization policies in Canada, and the integration of environmental and trade policies in navigating the green hydrogen frontier. Discussions will also cover the decision-making process in the decarbonization journey, maximizing the environmental attributes' value in hydrogen projects, and conducting a comparative economic analysis of Solid Oxide Cell (SOC) technology. Additional presentations will address standards initiatives for hydrogen deployment, challenges in hydrogen production water management, communication strategies using public opinion data with governments, and pathways for clean hydrogen with a focus on measuring carbon intensity for a sustainable future, as well as the transformation of Indigenous clean energy partnerships.


The Production track presentations will cover a wide range of topics, including innovations such as the turboexpander electrolyzer system, Chemical Looping, and Oxy-Combustion with Biomass for negative carbon-intensity hydrogen or steam production. Discussions will also focus on enhancing efficiency and sustainability in hydrogen production through advanced catalysts, high efficiency electrolyzer systems, and system optimization for green hydrogen and ammonia projects. Other areas of exploration include microwave-driven pyrolysis for low carbon hydrogen production, advanced hydrogen-generating system demonstrations, and various technologies, economics, and safety considerations in hydrogen production, including small modular reactor-powered electrolysis and plasma-assisted methane pyrolysis.

Transmission, Distribution & Storage

The Transmission, Distribution & Storage track presentations will delve into critical aspects of hydrogen infrastructure, addressing safety concerns in hydrogen transport and storage, challenges in technology adoption like fiber optic sensing for hydrogen pipelines, and materials testing for hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and applications. Discussions will also focus on achieving net-zero through constructable architecture, exploring Canada's newest green energy hub in the Fischells Salt Dome, and examining technical and commercial considerations in scaling underground hydrogen storage for the Canadian hydrogen economy. Additional topics include the use of legacy pipelines for hydrogen transport, the introduction of CSA Z341 Hydrogen Supplemental for storage in underground formations/salt caverns, and addressing bottlenecks in widespread hydrogen adoption related to storage and transportation.

Gain CPD Accreditation

The Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference has been accredited by the CPD Certification Service, which provides recognized independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements for energy professionals. Additional benefits include:

  • • Engaging in Continuing Professional Development ensures that your professional qualifications do not become outdated or obsolete.
  • • Earning CPD points allows you to 'up skill' or 're-skill' yourself, thereby complementing your career aspirations.
  • • CPD accredited programs, such as the Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference, enable you to identify knowledge gaps and gain insights into the latest developments, showing a clear commitment to self-development and professionalism.
  • • Receive your CPD accreditation certificate after the Canadian Hydrogen Convention Technical Conference. 
  • • 1 CPD point is equivalent to 1 CPD hour. Each 30 minute session counts as 0.5 CPD hour (Maximum 10 hours can be claimed)

To get your official certificate, fill out the form below by May 30, 2024. Credits are only available to 2024 registered technical conference delegates.


I would strongly encourage others to participate in this conference because it provides a unique platform to share expertise, engage with industry leaders, and stay updated on the latest developments in the hydrogen sector, fostering valuable connections and contributing to the advancement of hydrogen solutions.

Elena Ezquerra Silva

Renewable Energy Analyst

Solas Energy


Decarbonization is a must in our world today as we face new challenges regarding climate change. It is everyone’s responsibility, therefore, to garner as much knowledge on the means to facilitate a better world for our youth. The Canadian Hydrogen convention easily facilitates this through engagement of key industrial, academic and governmental stakeholders, showcasing exceptional strategies, products and inventions along the way. With a truly Canadian flavour, it is a must for anyone working or being introduced in the field.

Donald Kendrick


Ekona Power Inc.


I would encourage anyone involved with hydrogen to attend this event. You will be provided with an excellent opportunity to learn from others and network with those working in the hydrogen space. Each year the conference has more attendees and content and I am excited to see what the 2024 event brings!

Laura Pysyk

Senior Engineer, Hydrogen Projects


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