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Accelerating Canada's Hydrogen Future
April 29 - May 1, 2025
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

dmg events announces the Canadian 2024 Hydrogen Convention Awards Winners

dmg events announces the Canadian 2024 Hydrogen Convention Awards Winners

The third annual Canadian Hydrogen Awards Gala celebrates the innovation, technology and sustainable solutions in the hydrogen. As the third annual celebration, six awards were given to individuals and companies promoting the advancement of the hydrogen sector.

The Canadian Hydrogen Convention is an annual event that showcases the business case for new energy investment in building large-scale hydrogen, advancing deployment of hydrogen technologies to deliver decarbonization commitments, and creating national and international export opportunities to strengthen Canada's position as a global leader in the hydrogen industry.

The 2024 Canadian Hydrogen Convention Awards Gala winners and honourable mentions: 

Hydrogen Mobility Award – ALSTOM
Alstom’s Coradia iLint hydrogen-powered train is the first train ever to carry passengers in the Americas. It carried more than 10,000 passengers in a demonstration project in the Province of Quebec from mid-June to the end of September 2023.
This hydrogen fuel cell-powered train emits only water, produces its electricity through green hydrogen made from renewable resources in the province, and is designed for non or partially electrified lines. The iLint enables sustainable train operation while ensuring the highest levels of performance and comfort. This project sets the foundation for a comprehensive, safe, and efficient hydrogen ecosystem for the rail transportation sector in North America, including production, refueling and operation.
Honourable Mention: Hyfluence

Hydrogen Digital Innovator Award – SAIT, NSCC, Holland College, Lambton College, Mohawk College
As the energy sector examines the role that hydrogen plays as a tool to decarbonize global energy supplies, hydrogen awareness and training are a requisite to enable strategy, infrastructure development, and workforce upskilling. Thanks to collaborative efforts with the Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery (C2R2) coalition and wide industry engagement, two micro-credentials have been jointly developed by leading institutions across Canada:   - Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON  - Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, AB  - Lambton College in Sarnia, ON  - Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) in Halifax, NS  - Holland College in Charlottetown, PEI     C2R2 comprises 14 colleges, cégeps, institutes, and polytechnics nationwide, all dedicated to sustainability and helping to prepare workers for the transition to hydrogen-fueled power for industrial processing.   This innovative digital educational product now launching through a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) offers valuable workforce upskilling to support learning and professional development of a pan-Canadian network of industry professionals.   The resulting micro-credentials, 'Hydrogen Awareness and Understanding for Process-Related Occupations' and 'Entry-Level Technical Applications in Hydrogen for Process Occupations,' cater to professionals across diverse industries ranging from manufacturing and energy to chemicals and transportation.    The 'Hydrogen Awareness and Understanding for Process-Related Occupations' micro-credential, involving 24 hours of study, equips learners with foundational knowledge of hydrogen. This includes an understanding of hydrogen properties, production methods, and safety aspects relevant to process occupations.
   The 'Entry-Level Technical Applications in Hydrogen for Process Occupations' micro-credential offers a comprehensive 48-hour training program. It delves into the principles, applications, and challenges of hydrogen within industrial settings. Learners will also gain insights into effectively and safely integrating hydrogen into existing processes or developing new hydrogen-based processes. These micro-credentials, accessible online, serve as vital tools for professionals looking to stay ahead in the dynamic energy landscape.
Honourable Mention: Sylogist

Hydrogen Technology – Equipment or Process Controls Awards – Hydrogen Optimized Inc.
Hydrogen Optimized’s innovative high-power RuggedCell™ water electrolysis system provides low-cost clean hydrogen at the scale needed to decarbonize major, hard-to-abate industries. It is targeted to chemical and industrial applications such as ammonia plants; fleet mobility applications such as trucking; and energy and utility applications including natural gas blending. The patented RuggedCell™ is unique among water electrolyzer systems for its unipolar architecture, which builds on the proven Stuart technology platform with new innovations in high-power electrolysis. The innovations are designed to achieve the lowest levelized cost of clean hydrogen at large scale while also delivering attributes that are critical to large-scale clean hydrogen project developers. These include dynamic power response for use with renewable electricity sources; minimal efficiency loss over a 20-year lifespan; and low-cost on-site maintenance.
Honourable Mention: Vallourec


Emerging Leader Award – Natasha Kostenuk, Founder and CEO , Ayrton Energy
Natasha Kostenuk serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ayrton Energy, a pioneering company dedicated to the development of groundbreaking LOHC hydrogen technology. In her role, Natasha leads the strategic vision and overall management of the company, driving innovation in the field of hydrogen storage.
Honourable Mention: Grace Quan, President and CEO, Hydrogen in Motion Inc. (H2M), Hassan Dehghanpour, Professor and Senior Research Chair in Subsurface Energy Systems, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Alberta

Hydrogen Project Award – ATCO
ATCO Gas and Pipelines has commissioned the first 100% hydrogen heated building in North America: the Fort Saskatchewan Operating Centre. Less than two years after commissioning the ATCO Hydrogen Blending Project, ATCO is now pushing the boundaries of pure hydrogen. In collaboration with Gradient Thermal, ATCO funded the development of North America’s first 100% hydrogen boilers which heat the building and are fuelled with hydrogen produced by an onsite electrolyzer. Beyond its primary heating system, the site was designed to be a world-class demonstration space, accelerating the development of technologies using pure hydrogen, and hydrogen to natural gas blends. The building is equipped with eight tailored demonstration bays, each featuring access to a variety of energy mixes and utilities, as well as extensive controls for appliance testing, data acquisition, and safety monitoring. Overall, it is a unique building that will give ATCO, Alberta, and North America a dedicated space to connect technology developers, industry, policymakers, and the public, with the future of hydrogen.
Honourable Mention: Golu Hydrogen Technologies Inc.

Hydrogen Leader of the Year Award – Colin Armstrong, President and CEO, HTEC

Colin Armstrong, President and CEO, HTEC, is a professional Mechanical Engineer with more than 30 years of experience within the hydrogen industry. He is a driving force behind the development of BC’s hydrogen station network, opening Canada’s first retail hydrogen fueling station in 2018. In addition, under his leadership HTEC has developed and launched BC’s first large-scale project to use hydrogen and fuel cell technologies in the shipping and transportation sectors and has kicked off BC’s first at-scale electrolyser plant dedicated to the transportation sector.   Prior to founding HTEC, Colin led hydrogen initiatives at Sacré-Davey Engineering, including the $21 million Integrated Waste Hydrogen Utilization Project and the 1,000-kilogram-per-day fueling station project for a fleet of fuel cell buses operating in Whistler. Colin was also an investor and the lead engineer at Dynetek Industries (high-pressure carbon fiber gas storage cylinders) and worked at Ballard Power Systems to develop fuel cell manufacturing systems. He serves on the Board of the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association since 2011 and currently chairs Hydrogen BC.

Honourable Mention: Ivette-Vera Perez, President and CEO, Canadian Hydrogen Association (CHA)

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