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A New Era for Canadian Energy is Now
April 25-27, 2023
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

2023 Technical Courses

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Dale Erickson

Technical Authority and Technology Development Lead
Wood PLC

Dr. Erickson serves as the Technical Authority and Technology Development Lead for WOOD Intelligent Operations. At WOOD he has pioneered the development of real-time, transient, multiphase flow simulators, leak detection systems, and control/optimization software for platforms/pipelines. In addition, he has been involved in numerous technical studies involving transient multiphase flow and dynamic process modelling. Since 1996, he has had a significant role in over 100 projects, by providing functional design, detailed design approval, trouble shooting, tuning, quality review and testing and technical supervision. Dale is an expert in chemical engineering thermodynamics, especially as it relates to the oil and gas processes. He developed one of the first industrial models and codes for hydrate prediction. He worked in the area of flow assurance by writing the first version of the CSM Hydrate program in 1983. Then developed high accuracy equations of state in conjunction with NIST in Boulder, CO. Thereafter, served as a Staff Engineer for an integrated international petroleum company (1988 to 1996), with specific expertise in the development and application of mathematical models for oil and gas operations. Modelled multiphase lines for over 50 offshore developments using the OLGA pipeline simulation model. Played an active role in the initial development of OLGA and Virtuoso simulators. He has been a primary driver for the application of the OLGA and Virtuoso model to pipeline design and operation. Codeveloped a thermal soil model enhancement and a bundle model enhancement for OLGA. In addition to, dynamic process modelling using DSPICE and CFD models like Fluent and Hydro- 3D. Developed the first commercial model for paraffin formation, which was later used as the basis of the wax prediction program at Tulsa University. SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 1996-1997 on the topic of Applications of Transient, Multiphase Flow Modelling to Pipeline Design and Operations."

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