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Accelerating Canada's Hydrogen Future
April 29 - May 1, 2025
Edmonton Convention Centre - Edmonton, Canada

Samantha Irwin

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Samantha Irwin

Manager, Innovation Advisory
Exergy Solutions

Samantha is the Manager of Innovation Advisory at Exergy Solutions, a unique Calgary-based technology and engineering solutions company specializing in innovation. With operations spanning diverse market sectors, Exergy offers services to a broad spectrum of clients, from heavy industrial emitters to startup technology developers seeking to assess, design, build, and test transformative technologies.

As an emerging leader with over 14 years of experience, Samantha has a diverse background in both the oil & gas and clean fuels sectors. Her roles have encompassed clean technology strategy consulting, corporate development for facility owners & operators, project management for opportunities ranging from small to large-scale, and on-site engineering support for refinery operations.

Over the past five years, Samantha has been involved in several hydrogen initiatives. Her work developing corporate hydrogen strategies, providing development engineering support for hydrogen opportunities, and spearheading research initiatives aimed at industrial equipment fuel switching has enabled her to become well-versed in clean hydrogen technologies and to develop a well-rounded understanding of the emerging hydrogen economy.

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